about hilly

Started playing guitar about 11, Found out a lad at school could sing went up to him and said "how you, yes you, i've heard you can sing" his answer "to fucking right". His name MAC. OK imagine a guitar plugged into a hifi, a mic plugged into a 10watt practise amp, Damien on drums, and free allright now, That was the start.
Was in a few bands after that then started doing live sound where i met gav, He was in a band called THE JUNKIES, Somewhere down the road we met again, I had a singer he had a drummer so FND was formed, It was funky, punky, chunky rock"n"roll, kinda RHCP, Played some crazy gigs did some demo's, drank alot then some more, went crazy and split up.
I stuck with doing live sound, eventually getting a recording studio, Still doing the live stuff was where i met chris, He had been in a couple of bands that i knew of, eventually forming DRAGNET, who he still plays with.
There you have it, A real short version of how 4 freaks got together.


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daft stuff

Had loads of gear but always went back to my SG and Marshall, My main guitar is a Tokia SG bought way back in 1984 along with my Marshall JCM800, I use a boss GT5 for the odd effect but it's mainly a guitar tuner. Other guitars in the flock are Fender strat and tele plus a jackson for the trem. Other amps are a really old marshall lead 1960's It's great but very loud and a lot worn out, Plus a marshall mg30 signed by Jim marshall, It's still in the box.Just got another tele, Squier this time, Won it at a charity do, Sounds great, Just got another SG, Ye Ha there fucking MIGHTY.

Ok i only watch film's and films that are full of action so they may not be arty farty but i like them. Rambo, The Warriors, Enter the dragon, Aliens, Dog soldier, Rocky, Terminator,

Some of the bands i'm listening to at the moment. Jimi hendrix, RHCP, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Free, Black sabbath, Clutch, S.A.H.B, Ground Hogs, AC/DC, Monster magnet, Colour haze, Atomic bitch wax, Dixie witch, Kyuss, Fu-manchu,

Hero's there's only one for me, Bruce Lee KICK ASS, HOO HA.

My favorite quote MAC"the world is full of people who buy thing they don't want, with money they have'nt got, to impress people they don't like"