about gav

IM COOL IF YOUR COOL, C..MON EVERYBODY, LETS LOVE ONE AND OTHER ...fun lovin criminal, born in jarrow then moved to south shields a week later...all a wanna do is ROCK. play and played with... SWAMPFREAKS, POWERAGE, THE TONIGHTERS, RUNT, THE ALMIGHTY, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, AUTOMATIC, BLITZKRIEG, BAD TELEVISION, THE JUNKIES, LIBERTY, BESSIE AND THE ZINC BUCKETS... have a soft spot for spiders and fifa...love to colour my skin in and get f**kt up wi the boys... newcastle united til i die, howay the lads.

daft stuff

General music man, music!, bass guitars, any guitars, distortion, bottom-end, big tellies, ps3, travel, football, palm trees, being a clown, lap-dancers, gadgets, black T-sirts, blue jeans, tattoos, photography, big amps, 20 notes, interesting humans, vices, greece & her islands, newcastle united, drums, boxing, high heels (in the privacy of my own home) .

Music i luv,, hard rock, heavy rock, punk rock, pop rock, pop punk, punk pop, metal, pop, rock, electro-rock, metal-electro, acoustic, hip hop, hip punk, fusion........ i hate,, fukin retarded chav scum dance pish Movies british, gangster, horror, thriller, animated, action...planet earth, band of brothers.

Television its big n black n full hd .

Books proper care of tarantulas, greek phrase book, n.m.e, loaded, john entwistle collection, naseem hamed, daily star telly guide, nuts, road atlas of europe, razzle, profanisaurus, little book of drugs, fender catologue, ear syringeing for beginners, nuts, how to breathe through ya ears-the porn stars handbook .

Heroes al pacino, kurt cobain, ma n da, sid n nancy, nana nancy, jack daniels, h.p. bulmer, adolf dassler, alan shearer, laura croft, ea sports, doctor marten, levi strauss, leo fender, tha toon, all bass players n people who stand (or sit) on stages, the musicians i have been honoured to play with over the past two decades, my friends .