about chris

I'm a 26 year old easy going geordie. Love music, beer and socialising. Play Drums in Dragnet and Swampfreaks. I have also played in A ghost in the machine, Lovemat, Ill concept and many other local bands. I am available for session work mail me for details. In my spare time enjoy trying to break the world record for how many pegs i can fit on my face while juggling midgets.

daft stuff

General Music, My band, drumming, drinking stuff like...

Music Loadsa stuff, rock, metal, Punk, folk, jazz, blues, few i can think of - Mastodon,Deftones,Everytime I die, Cancer Bats, led Zep, Jimi Hendrix, The refused, Alexisonfire, Black Flag, Alice in Chains, BLS, The Bronx, Boards of Canada, Blind Melon, pearl Jam, cave in, Mud Honey, Clutch, Soundgarden, QOTSA, at the drive in, beck, Black Sabbath,Brian Eno, Cave in, Foo Fighters, Meshuggah, Clutch, Deftones, Crowbar, Faith No More, Opeth, Gojira, Pantera, Tool, Lamb Of god, Jefferson Airplane, Loadsa 60's Physcadelic, The Guess Who, Deep Purple,

Films Almost famous, Back to the future, goodfellas, anything that has al pacino, robert de niro or will ferral in. I like all sorts mainly comedy and thrillers tho.

Television Family Guy, CSI, Documentaries.

books Back to the future annual 1989

hero's bill hicks, george carlin